The primary characteristic we look for in training applicants is a good attitude.

Applicants must be …

  • Teachable – willing to humbly accept correction.
  • Accepting of their role as student – here to learn, not to teach.
  • Repentant & willing to submit to the growth process – a major part of becoming a good leader is becoming the person God created you to be. That growth occurs when we submit to being discipled through confession, prayer, and group accountability.
  • Able & willing to support themselves financially – applicants must raise their own money to support themselves either through outside sources or by getting a job locally (many of CMU’s campus ministers are bi-vocational).
  • Willing to relocate to Tulsa, OK or St. Louis, MO – training will take place at either of these locations, and applicants must be willing to relocate to either one.
  • Okay working within Churches of Christ – CMU is a Church of Christ organization. If an individual has major issues with traditional CoC views (accapella worship, baptism for the forgiveness of sins, etc.) they need not apply.

Does this describe you? Then consider filling out an application.


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