1. How are campus ministries usually funded, and are most campus ministries indepedent from the church that sponsors them? (3:56)
  2. How do I get my youth group prepared for ministry in the future, and how can I get the young adults in my congregation involved? (8:11)
  3. Have you seen anyone use your campus ministry materials effectively in youth ministry? (1:08)
  4. How can your ministry interact with other churches in your area without it being harmful to the students? (8:55)
  5. If you’re dealing with multiple campuses, would you suggest holding events in between them or focusing on one? (1:44)
  6. We struggle with incorporating students in with the rest of the congregation – how do you deal with that? (7:12)
  7. I’m working with people from drastically different backgrounds – how do you build community among people so different? (5:21)
  8. Is there anything you feel you left out of your earlier presentations that you’d like to say now? (4:57)
  9. If there’s more than one campus in your area, how do you balance your time between them? (2:43)
  10. You mentioned daytime events work better than anything else at commuter schools and community colleges. What sort of daytime events would you suggest? (3:32)


  1. In your experience, what are some indicators or behaviors that could be signaling that it’s an opportune time to share the gospel with someone? (1:35)
  2. When the Virginia Tech killings took place, what opportunities (if any) presented themselves for your ministry? (3:22)
  3. What kind of support did you recieve that was helpful, and what sort of wasn’t?  (3:09)
  4. How soon after the tragedy did you begin thinking about things from the attackers point of view?   (1:34)
  5. Can you describe how your ministry is different as a result of the Virginia Tech Tragedy? Have you implemented anything new that’s working effectively for you?  (2:10)



  1. How did Gary Lambrecht’s conversion in the 1970s impact what’s going on here this weekend?  (4:20)
  2. Is this a good study to use with people who aren’t aware of their own sin? (4:22)
  3. Should I share this with someone who tells me they have no concept of God? (6:42)
  4. Share the message!  (1:00)



  1. How do we curb the dropout rate among Church of Christ high school graduates, and why is it so high?  (4:41)
  2. Churches of Christ are in a state of decline – where do you see us in 2020 assuming there’s no change?   (3:27)
  3. How do we get our campus ministry students plugged in to the whole church body? (5:14)
  4. There’s a huge difference between the funding of youth ministry and campus ministry. How do we move Churches of Christ to see campus ministry as a crucial part of the spiritual development process? How can ministry training help? How can our universities help? (5:19)



  1. The differences between men and women is an emotionally charged issue. How would you go about discussing this in a practical church setting? (1:42)
  2.  How do we encourage the church to be aware of the cultural climate that we’re in and how it affects the relationships between men and women? (2:37)
  3. What did you think about John Eldredge’s book Wild At Heart? (:45)
  4. 2 Timothy 1:5 indicates we get our faith from our mothers and grandmothers – does that have anything to do with what we’re dealing with today? (1:25)
  5. Do you have any tips for campus ministers in keeping ourselves pure with young ladies?  (4:11)
  6. Todays younger generation males seem to be more feminine – just look at the jeans they wear. What can we do to reverse the sissy trend?  (1:27)

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