1. How do you continue discipling brand new Christians?  (7:36)
  2. Do you utilize discipleship partners for new believers? (1:56)
  3. How much emphasis do you put on getting a commitment to the ministry from new members? (2:15)
  4. What's the first thing a person who desires to start a new ministry somewhere need to do? (6:48)
  5. How do you bring postmoderns into contact with the Living God rather than into a debate? (4:14)
  6. How are women utilized in your ministries? (10:36)
  7. How does effective ministry foster healthy family development? (6:41)
  8. How do you effectively grow/multiply small groups within a campus ministry? (4:53)
  9. How do you start a church centered around campus ministry? (7:31)
  10. How should the campus ministry community address the issue of race relations in the church?(21:14)