1. After hearing Lynn’s presentation I realize that my ministry is focused on ‘keeping the saved saved’ rather than reaching out. How do I go about changing my mentality? (1:34)
  2. How is my ministry going to look as I make a shift from focusing internally to focusing externally? (13:37)
  3. How would you go about starting a new campus ministry in North Florida or other locations where the ICOC has been active before? (10:06)
  4. When you’re first establishing a campus ministry, aside from all the administrative details, how exactly do you reach the students and get them started in the funnel process? (7:30)
  5. Do you have any suggestions for campus ministry leaders who all have full-time jobs, and whose sponsoring congregation offers limited support? (7:15)
  6. For a ministry that’s just starting out, what are some specific ways you would suggest advertising? (3:21)
  7. One challenge for me as a campus minister is balancing ministry time with family time. What advice can you give me in the way of finding a healthy balance? (4:39)
  8. I was startled to learn that so few conversions are occurring among Church of Christ campus ministries! Are we shooting in the wrong direction? What’s the problem? (1:39)
  9. How can we use the events that occur within our church that are not specifically related to campus ministry to show the rest of the congregation the value of campus ministry? (8:33)
  10. Are we simply entertaining our students in our existing campus ministries instead of teaching them to reach out? (9:28)
  11. Many people are concerned about campus ministry planting because of the endeavors in the past that have gone horribly wrong. How do we make sure this endeavor goes right? (8:04)
  12. What is the single most important characteristic that must exist in a brand-new campus ministry plant? (0:44)